Sometimes you need to calculate something more complicated than 2 + 2, but simpler than the Schrödinger equation. For example, calculate FIFO / LIFO, ovulation cycle, car or property loan. All this can be calculated on one site and this is not WolframAlpha.

Calculator Online is a website with over 100 calculators for all occasions.

When you go to the site, you will find an ordinary engineering calculator, but below you can choose one of the popular calculators or go to calculators in one of the categories: health, education, finance, general.

There are about a dozen calculators in each category, so it makes no sense to talk about each separately.

For example, in the Health section, you can calculate the distance for a short walk, calculate BMI, TDEE and other incomprehensible abbreviations.

When you switch to the calculator, the calculator itself opens naturally. Additionally, detailed information on the purpose of the calculator and detailed answers to popular questions are displayed below.

Many calculators have a separate Android app.


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