I have two devices on Android and a computer on Windows, not counting a working PC. I always wanted to receive all push notifications on the device that I am currently working on.

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These six applications solve this problem.

Pushbullet (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)

Pushbullet were not the first in this direction, but they were the ones who made the noise with their appearance. The service is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome and Firefox. And opportunities can be easily expanded through Zapier and similar services.

Using Pushbullet, you can send SMS messages from a computer. All alerts are synchronized between all devices. You can easily send a link or file to another device.

In a separate tab, you can subscribe to receive news from popular resources. You can also chat with friends.

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KDE Connect (Windows, macOS, Android)

If I hadn’t mentioned KDE Connect in this post, then I would have been hit by Linuxoids. In fact, the service can be used not only on Linux, but also on macOS, Windows, Android.

The goal of KDE Connect is to bring all your devices together. For example, you can receive alerts from a smartphone on a computer, or remotely control it. You can receive and send messages, manage music on a PC from a smartphone, monitor the battery level, share files.

You can expand the capabilities of the application using third-party plugins.

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Join (Android)

It was Join that I used for a long time, and it is this program that I can recommend as a cheaper alternative to Pushbullet.

With it, you can easily send and receive SMS on any device, synchronize the clipboard, send links, take remote screenshots and much more.

You can expand Join features with Tasker.

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Pushover (Android, iOS)

Pushover does not quite fit this article. The application is rather needed to receive alerts from various sources like Nagios, remote servers, and the like.

Through integration with IFTTT, you can configure Pushover to receive alerts from almost any source.

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EasyJoin (Windows, macOS, Android)

EasyJoin helps to share files, folders, messages, links, synchronize push and clipboard.

Initially, the application serves to combine devices into a single network. Thanks to what appears access to shared resources on a local network. The smartphone can be used as a PC mouse.

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Bridge - mirror notifications (notification sync) (Windows, macOS, Android)

Bridge - mirror notifications (notification sync) (Windows, macOS, Android)

Already by the name “Bridge” it is clear that this is an application for synchronizing alerts.

With it, you can synchronize alerts between Android devices and a PC. Reply to messages, delete them. Sync clipboard. Track battery level.

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