Are you a music producer? Do you record podcasts? Or maybe you are starting your adventure with YouTube and want to sound professional? Nowadays, with the use of an acoustic solution you can buy online, you can set up a music studio right at your place. You probably already have great music equipment, know how to place your speakers and microphone. All you need to do now is follow some advice on how to add acoustic treatment to your room.

How to set up a home studio?

Good acoustic treatment means noise control and profound sound quality improvement, that is why it is so important to do it well and invest in high-quality equipment. Foam treatment is still quite popular because it is cheap, light and easy to set up. However, when it comes to acoustic treatment we should focus on absorbing the low frequencies. Foam treatment doesn’t cope well with low frequencies. The acoustic solution you might want to try is wooden hybrid acoustic panels, woollen sound absorption panels, acoustic absorbers or acoustic screens. Today you can find acoustic panels in all shapes and colours, some of them look like art installations! On you can browse from a wide range of acoustic panels like hybrid acoustic panels that fit any room, and look amazing!

Acoustic Solution - which one to choose?

You need to examine your needs and your space. Ask yourself a question: is it possible to hang panels on the walls or ceiling? Do you need the acoustic treatment to soundproof your space or you rather need to separate instruments during a recording?

For room soundproofing, we recommend hybrid acoustic panels or acoustic screens (when hanging panels is not an option). Also, if your acoustic treatment needs to be movable, an acoustic screen will do the work.

Hybrid acoustic panels - who are they right for?

All hybrid acoustic panels by are made from high-quality wood or plywood - an absorbing material of high density certified A1 as non-flammable. With the included kit, they are super easy to install. Panels are meant to be hanged on the walls and ceilings. They are great for soundproofing and improving sound quality in the room.

Acoustic screens - pros and cons

If during a recording you use a few instruments and microphones at the same time, it is important to make sure the microphones pick the correct sounds. Acoustic screens make it easier to separate instruments from microphones. On you can order acoustic screens in any dimension and colour you like. Acoustic screens are made of wood and high-quality non-flammable wool. Screens are movable, stable and are a great alternative to acoustic panels when there is no place to hang them. The only con is that they are slightly more expensive than the hybrid acoustic panels.

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