Answers to the most tricky questions when writing a resume

Konstantin Dokuchaev
Konstantin Dokuchaev
Answers to the most tricky questions when writing a resume

Do I have to specify my desired level of pay? Should I include additional information about myself?

Do I have to specify my desired level of pay?

That depends on the circumstances. Generally speaking, any talk about salary before the interview is over usually puts the employer in a difficult position. He does not know your capabilities and has not estimated your worth in his scale of values and abilities, so he cannot answer in advance if he is ready to give you the required salary. Therefore, if you dared to specify specific figures, then specify only the desired minimum level that you agree, and be sure to mention that it is the minimum. It's better to write the truth. If you state too high a minimum wage, no one will risk contacting you. If you are offered the minimum requested, you can always say that the specified figure is the minimum, while the work to be done is complex, responsible, and it is worth much more.

Do I have to give additional information about myself?

If it is required by the nature of the future work, you must specify:

  • Knowledge of a foreign language. You should not overestimate your level of knowledge of a foreign language: you will have to work, it is possible preliminary check of your level of knowledge by the employer or recruiting agency. Usually accepted the following gradation: initial level, good knowledge, fluency.
  • Working with a computer. If you are not a programmer and not an advanced user, it is recommended to consult with knowledgeable people what are the correct names of the packages with which you work. It is necessary to specify the knowledge of accounting programs, as well as special programs, such as graphic editors. You should also note knowledge of the Internet and the ability to use e-mail, which is not quite the same thing as it seems to some people.
  • Knowledge of office equipment. Assumes the ability to work with office PBX, copier, fax. Telex is indicated additionally.
  • Driver's license, availability of a car.

Do I need personal details?

It is necessary to detail as much as possible the facts of industrial biography and a minimum of personal details. This will show that your life is more work-oriented than leisure-oriented. Do not include details of your curriculum vitae, details of your childhood, or your marriage history. It's not helpful to state whether or not you have a driver's licence if you will be working in an office. If your own car, summer house, three children, fishing, etc. are so important to you that you dared to put this on a production resume, the employer will think you are not a business person. After all, he will have to let you go during working hours for maintenance or repair of the car, to fit into the schedule of your competitions or tours.

At the end of the resume is enough to list 2-3 of his hobbies. It is better to list active hobbies (e.g. sports, tourism, dancing) than mundane hobbies (dacha, fishing, hunting).

If you are not sure you can write an attractive resume or if you don't have time to write one, find out where resume writing near me city.

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