Matrix or barcodes are found on almost every corner. Not surprisingly, they have many useful applications in trade, postal logistics and many others.

If everyone can read and create a QR code, what about the rest? There is the Barquode Android app for that.

After launching it, the Code tab awaits you , where you can select the type of code or information that you want to encrypt. In the second case, you can choose to create a code that will lead to a specific link, show WiFi connection data, share the location and much more.

There is data validation when generating code, so you won't be able to generate unreadable code. You can also choose the color design of the code.

The generated code can be shared immediately.

Codes created or scanned in Barquode will be automatically saved in the Manage tab , categorized by type. This allows you to quickly navigate to the code you want to view or edit.

Download Barquode

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