I was recently given a Lego set for my birthday, and after assembling it, I have a few spare (hopefully) workers left. If you often collect constructors, then there are a lot of such details. What to do with them?

Brickit is an iOS app that will analyze Lego pieces and help you assemble something useful from them.

How it works

Unfortunately, I have too few details for Brickit to tell me anything useful. Therefore, below there will be videos from the developers of the application.

First of all, after starting the application, you need to lay out the parts in an even layer on the table and use Brickit to recognize which is which. To do this, I recommend reading the introductory instructions so that everything works out exactly right.

Then Brickit will suggest which figurine can be assembled based on the recognized parts.

After choosing a figure, a step-by-step assembly instructions familiar to Lego lovers will open. At the same time, Brickit will carefully tell you exactly where the necessary part lies in the pile.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of Brickit today is that it only supports Lego parts. Duplo or other analogs are not yet available for recognition.

Download Brickit

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