Even before the transition to remote work, in many areas, the exchange of screenshots and screencasts took up some part of the workflow. At the same time, it was necessary to accompany such a file with a comment so that it was clear what it was about.

To solve this problem, the bubbles service appeared, which allows you to organize collaboration by sharing screenshots, videos, audio messages and comments.

Working with the service

A big plus of the service is that it does not require the installation of additional applications. On the main page, just click the button Create a bubble, and you will be taken to the bubble creation page.

There are two options here: start creating a screencast or upload an image. Moreover, Google Chrome users can install an extension for quick work with the service.

When creating a screencast, you can record everything that happens on the screen, a specific browser window or tab, and the sound of a microphone.

At the end of the recording, a preview of the video opens, where you can leave comments. To achieve this, you need to select the right moment on the timeline, indicate the place on the video itself with the red cursor and simply write your comment.

You can add other comments to comments, add mentions of other users, screencasts and images. Unfortunately, the video itself cannot be edited.

But ready-made screencasts can be added to project folders, or shared using links or email invites.

As for screenshots, everything works similarly to a screencast.

Probably not everyone will like bubbles. It seems to me that it has very limited capabilities – compared to similar tools for creating screencasts.

On the other hand, the service is free, and I can’t immediately remember competitors who allow you to leave comments on a free plan.

Therefore, if the possibility of collaboration is important to you, but there is no need for full-fledged processing of screencasts, then you should definitely pay attention to bubbles.

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