[Contest] FlexClip Review. Video editor right in your browser

Konstantin Dokuchaev
Konstantin Dokuchaev
[Contest] FlexClip Review. Video editor right in your browser

In this article, I want to talk about the FlexClip service, which will help you edit videos online.

Modern browsers have become so powerful that often you don't need to install a separate application on your computer to solve a problem. It is enough to launch Chrome or Firefox, and there will certainly be a service that will complete your task online.

In this article, I want to talk about the FlexClip service, which will help you edit videos online. Of course, you shouldn't expect the quality of work from such solutions like Adobe or DaVinchi. But they can definitely solve basic and many professional problems. So, what does FlexClip do?

Beginning of work

After logging into the service, you can start working on a video from scratch or choose one of hundreds of templates on various topics. This option is great if you have a video idea but lack the experience to create high-quality effects and transitions.

When you select a template, you can go to its preview. Other FlexClip templates with similar themes will also be shown here. If everything is OK, you can click the Customize button and proceed to editing the video.

Video editor

The editor itself is not difficult to work with. It will be easy for beginners to figure out what's what. But for professionals, some basic features may not be enough.

As with any video editors, here you can add your videos and perform various actions on them, such as cropping, splitting, changing the speed and aspect ratio, adding watermarks, filters and color correction. You can also add your audio or voice acting.

Unfortunately, FlexClip does not have the ability to work with multiple tracks. There isn't even a separate audio track here. Everything fits on a single timeline.

Otherwise, you can do simple editing, swap the clips and add various effects to them. I want to talk about several of them below.

What can be added to the project


If you started working on a project from scratch or have already applied a ready-made template, FlexClip gives you the ability to add templates to your video at any time.

Templates are ready-made video projects with transitions, special effects, music and other goodies. You just have to replace the text, adjust the slides for yourself, and the video is ready.

Media files

You can add your media files to the project: photos and videos. Or, directly from the browser, enable screen recording or from a webcam.

Text and overlay

Various text inserts can be added to the project. These can be both titles and text elements to add to the clip. As usual, keep in mind that not all fonts support Cyrillic.

Videos, photos, and music

Here, unlike the Media section, you can add stock videos, photos and audio, which will be free with a FlexClip subscription. The sections have category navigation, as well as a convenient search to find exactly what you need.

The elements

If you are familiar with the word โ€œclip artโ€, then here you will find exactly them. In this section, you can find various decorative items such as buttons, shapes, arrows, masks, frames, and other curly shapes.


Backgrounds โ€“ they are backgrounds in any application. What I liked about FlexClip was that it offered videos as backgrounds. This is in addition to the usual color backgrounds. There is also a division by category.

Export video

When your masterpiece is ready, you can watch it online or immediately export it to video or GIF format. Here's what I got while writing this review. That is, I didnโ€™t make any effort at all.

What's the money

It is clear that such a service cannot be free. More precisely, maybe, but on the free plan, the output video quality is limited to 480p, and the duration is one minute. You can also add one stock video to the project. There can be a maximum of twelve projects.

Paid plans start at $5.99 per month. Each of them increases the limits, removes the service watermark and gives more space for storing your files.

Competition under the cut

The service developers have presented five paid subscriptions that I want to give you. To participate in the competition, you need to register on the service website and fill out this form. On January 8, 2022, I will select five random participants and announce the results.

I enjoyed working with FlexClip, although it is not the most powerful online video editor. However, there are many cool templates and stock clips to add to your project. Some fonts support Cyrillic.

In general, this is a great option for quickly creating not very complex videos. The service is more suitable for beginners and home users.

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