Nowadays, there are hundreds of tools for web application and website development. Even your grandmother, who’s never heard of a single code, can create a modern app. For professionals, there are certain services that help to optimize their work, automate tasks, and simplify working with the code. In this post, I will tell you about one of these tools.

CoreUI is a set of free bootstrap admin template for developing your own dashboards with reports based on such popular frameworks as Angular, React.js, Bootstrap, and the like. It is easy to configure such an admin panel for your project and integrate it into your work using ready-made elements. The project code is an open-source one.

Why using templates

Indeed, if you are a developer, it won’t be a problem to create your own dashboard containing a set of information. However, the time is still the most valuable resource. And you can have more of it to solve really important tasks by using ready-made templates that can be easily integrated into any projects.

By using CoreUI and similar tools, you can easily save time and money when developing a dashboard. Indeed, you will have a set of ready-to-use and reuse popular widgets and UI components at your disposal. The whole out-of-the-box CoreUI environment is ready to be quickly integrated into your development ecosystem, and you won’t have to waste a lot of time configuring the project. You can immediately start using all scripts and tools.

CoreUI is fully compatible with Bootstrap; however, each of the components has been developed from scratch using the selected framework (React.js, Angular, Laravel, and others) without using jQuery and other unnecessary dependencies.

Although CoreUI offers the same set of tools regardless of the selected framework, in fact it considers your choice since all the framework advantages are taken into account when developing the template. For example, you can use React hooks.

Anyway, CoreUI will provide all the necessary tools for cross-browser and mobile development. The template tools are suitable for any browsers, devices, and operating systems. Thus, you won’t have to think about these anymore.

Available components

It won’t be exaggeration to say that all the necessary components for dashboards and admin panels are available here. Just look at the screenshot below.

Thus, I won’t list them separately. Moreover, you can check live CoreUI demo on the developer’s website.

Using this tool, you get a dashboard that can be quickly stuffed with all the necessary widgets with graphs and reports. Any of the widgets is fine-tuned to suit your tasks. Next, the ready reports can be quickly reconfigured without reworking the component.

On the left CoreUI panel, you can manage your admin panel appearance. You can manage each component separately – from buttons to icons and push-messages. You can configure the typographics and design, as well customize the service pages appearance separately, for example, of the 404 page.


There are two versions of CoreUI available. The free version comes with a limited set of plugins and components. In the paid version, you get all the available tools and priority support.

The price depends on the number of developers and projects. The minimum option will cost $89, and you will have to pay $279 for the maximum one.

If your service or application is large enough to create an admin panel, CoreUI can help you with this task. Another advantage of these templates is that they support all the popular frameworks and can be quickly integrated in your project. And the entire configuration work can be done in a user-friendly interface.

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