Every caring owner should monitor the health of his pet. This means not only proper feeding, training and so on. But also the control of trips to the veterinarian and weight control. Some of these tasks can be simplified using a smartphone.

Dex is an iOS app that will help you keep track of basic tasks for your pet and display various useful information in the form of widgets.

What the app can do


The first time you open the app, you will be prompted to fill out a questionnaire for your pet. You can skip this step and fill it all in later, but it's easier to do it all at once.

You need to specify the nickname, date of birth, weight (only in pounds) and add a photo. The questionnaire is universal and suitable for any animal.

After that, basic information about the pet will be displayed inside the application. From here you can add more profiles or go to view the data of a particular creature.

Notes to the veterinarian

From the animal information screen, you can go to sections to add various data. The first item will be records to the veterinarian.

Here you can add a reminder of an upcoming meeting or a record of a past meeting. Recordings can also be marked as completed.

Vaccination plan

The information in other sections is filled in the same way. For example, in the Vaccination Plan, you can add a reminder of an upcoming vaccination or save information about an already completed one.

The following fields are available for you to fill in: date, vaccine, veterinary clinic and notes.

Treatment plan

The section with the treatment plan seemed to me the most interesting. Here you can specify the name of the plan, dosage frequency, track symptoms and improve health.

Weight Tracking

But the weight tracking section, on the contrary, is the most boring. Here, you can enter your current weight and indicate the goal you want to reach. Further, the graph will show the change in weight and deviation from the target. Unfortunately, again, only in pounds.


Some trackers can be added as a widget: age, weight, upcoming events. There are a couple of design options.

To some, Dex may seem like a very useful application. And if so, then I'm just happy for you. The declared functions here work perfectly.

But you can track all these indicators in a million other free ways. Therefore, I can’t call this application extremely useful and necessary either.

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