Apple tries to take care of protecting the privacy of its users. But their protection is limited by the devices and native apps. From the ad trackers you need to be protected with third party apps.

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Disconnect β€” application is to block advertising trackers and tracking scripts.

The service has several types of applications and extensions:

  • Free extensions for browsers;
  • App for Android;
  • App for iOS;
  • App for macOS.

Browser extension

Supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Works on the principle of an ordinary blocker. Each time you visit the site it was trying to determine any connections that are not directly related to the visited resource.

Then these compounds are divided into several categories: Google, Facebook, Twitter, advertising, Analytics, social media, and content. By default, all categories are blocked, in addition to the content.

When you click on the category you can easily enable or disable its lock. And when you expand the category to see the detailed data. When clicking on the "Visualize page" you can view the data on the page in a convenient graphical representation.

Any website can be added to the exclusion list and will not Disconnect it nothing to block.

App for Android

If you have a smartphone from Samsung or do you use a browser other than the built-in, this item can be scrolled. Since I have 4 Pixel, I haven't been able to enjoy all the pleasures of this app.

The essence is the same as for extensions. Disconnect automatically blocks all ad and tracking the trackers when visiting the sites.

Difference is the list of blocked sites. It is not defined automatically, and works on the basis of a specific blacklist.

Applications for macOS and iOS

Despite the fact that the site is a Disconnect between these apps, I'll tell you about them at the same time.

The difference is only in the type of license. You can buy only the iOS version, or macOS + iOS. The possibilities between them there is no difference. Although iOS apps have to run the built-in VPN.

In addition to blocking ads and trackers, these apps and block malicious sites. The lock works in all applications and browsers installed on the device.

Also, in both applications, available statistics locks, white lists and setting your own filters.


The cost of the iOS version starts from $9.99 per month, the cost of iOS+macOS on three devices will cost $50 per year.

The weird Disconnect I thought their policy of monetization. Free use browser extension and mobile and desktop version is almost useless without charge. And there is even the possibility to try the Disconnect in the case through trial.

Android application not many who will need and it is better to use AdGuard.

In General, to the extension, there are no complaints. His work I liked. The ability to customize is also pleased.

Why need a separate app for Mac, if you have the extension? It is not clear. Only have to pay for the iOS version, if you are really that worried about advertising surveillance.


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