Many people prefer to use adaptive (flash) cards to learn new information. These are cards with a question on one side and an answer on the other. Read, remember, check, repeat. And as a result, new information entrenched in the head without much difficulty.

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Brainscape is a service for creating and learning everything with flash cards. You can create your own lessons or join the already created training programs.

The service is available on the web, on Android and iOS. On a mobile phone you can study / create, but on the web everything is the same plus more detailed information about schools.

Card Search and Training

In the web version and in the mobile application there is a menu Find Flashcards. Here you can find cards on almost any topic. Especially one million, and here is part of this list.

Despite the convenient search and the vastness of topics, most likely, any topic will be in English. Finding a card in Russian will be difficult. Although authors can share and even sell access to their cards.

Learning itself happens the same way as with physical flash cards. When you select a topic, a list of cards that you can go through is displayed. And the course itself is added to the main screen so that you can always return to it.

When you click on the card, a question opens. To see the answer, you need to click "Reveal Answer". At this point, you need to evaluate how well you remember the material.

After that, the passed cards will have a corresponding mark, and in front of the course the general level of your knowledge on it will be displayed. Reached perfection? The course was completed successfully.

The application itself can set the time for the repetition of each card based on evidence-based cognitive science. You are required to evaluate the card, and Brainscape will determine the right time to repeat the question.

Card making

Cards can be created from a smartphone, but it is better to use the web version. It supports text formatting.

To create a lesson, you will need to specify its name, after which it will be possible to add cards to it.

For the course, you can assign an icon, import or export finished lessons, share a link. Courses can be closed.

The “About” tab sets the course description. You can select a type, add a video, specify a language and much more.

The Learners tab will display all students who decide to take your course. On the Decks tab, decks with cards are created. One deck - one theme in which you want to add a map.

The editor is very simple. On the left is the question, and on the right is the answer. You can add images and audio files.

To format the text, you need to switch to the advanced editor, which is closed by a password.

In general, you can work with Brainscape without problems at a free rate. For students in the paid version, the limit on the number of studied cards has been removed, the ability to save cards to favorites has been added.

Teachers will not be able to use the advanced map editor, copying and exporting maps, resetting statistics, reversing maps (first they show the answer, and then the question), closed courses.

A license costs from $ 9.99 per month.

By code, THEMARFA91KDyou will receive a 20% discount on the purchase of a tariff plan.

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