Every week I publish discounts. This week you can have a discount on Keepsolid, Shift and a bunch of useful software for macOS.

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Keepsolid provides you with your own VPN server. What gives the increase in speed, and greater security.

To purchase a lifetime license click here


Shift - an application that helps you to combine an email, a calendar, cloud services and many popular apps like Slack, WhatsApp, Evernote in a single window.

Buy with 15% discount. Use code Apps15

Useful software for macOS

The Bundle Hunt has begun another sale of useful software for macOS. You can choose apps you want to buy and unlock it for only $3. All the software in set is already available with big discounts, and the purchase of the one application give seven as a gift.

To get it click here

7 must have Windows application for July 2019
4 must have macOS application for July 2019

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