Have you ever come across a situation when you wanted a person to see your email instantly but instead, they don’t and you end up bearing consequences? This is indeed a very common experience for a lot of people and apparently there seems to be no way around it.

It was a problem until some smart heads figured out a way to send your email message to someone’s phone number as a text message. Thus, avoiding all the hassle of late delivery of information and no more unpleasant consequences.

We are talking about the ‘Email to Text’ add-on for Gmail. It is a very simple piece of software that you can install in your Gmail account and use it to send your email in form of a message to someone’s phone number as well.

Why do you need the Email to SMS Add-on?

This simple add-on is constructed around the fact that 90% of the people see a text message they have received within 3 minutes. On the contrary, majority of them are using desktops and laptops for reading and sending emails. Generally, emails are not a problem until your recipient is out of their office and you need to get in touch with them quick.

Next question might be that what if the recipient replies to the text message. How are you going to receive it?
The message will be forwarded to you in your Gmail so no need to worry. These people have you covered.

How to configure Email to SMS add-on to your Gmail?

This is simplest part because you do not have to provide any extensive permissions or spend an hour or 2 configuring it your Gmail.


Go to Google Workspace and search for ‘email to SMS’ and the search engine will find this very product for you.

Or you could just click on this link and it will take you right to the Google Workspace: Email to SMS.


Once you have reached the installation page, click on the ‘Install’ button and the installation will be running in no time. It will be matter of minutes before it is over and your ‘Email to SMS’ Add-on is ready to go.


Open your Gmail and click on the ‘Compose’ button. You would already know this by now, assuming that you are a frequent Gmail user but if you are new to Gmail, this is the way forward.


Once you click on the compose button, a new window will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.

This is your email composer. This window allows you to add the subject of your email, add recipients and write the message you want to deliver. There are many other options such as including a signature, adding attachments etc. at the bottom of this window and you can use them as well.


Once you are done writing your email, click on the red colored phone icon at the right of your bottom ribbon. This icon indicates that you have ‘Email to SMS’ installed on your Gmail and you can use it circulate your email via SMS as well.


Next step is to add the recipients of your email. Once you click on the Email to SMS icon, a new window will appear on the screen. This window will you the option add phone numbers. You can manually input the cell number or your recipient or you can just choose from the contacts if you have already saved it.


Once you have typed a number, click the ‘Add’ button and it will added in the recipients at the bottom. Continue this exercise until your list of SMS recipients is complete.

When done, click on the ‘Save contacts’ button at the bottom of the window and you will be directed back to your email editor.


In the email composer window, you will observe a change. New recipients have been added in the CC. Each of these email address will be of the format ‘+12345678910@sendemailtotext.com’. Once you have the email ready, click on ‘Send’ and the email will be delivered as a normal email to the email addresses and as text messages on the phone numbers you have added.

How much does it cost?

The basic version of this add-on is free for everyone and you can simply go to Google Workspace and get it up and running in no time.

However, if you end up using it more often and need some of the premium features, you will have to pay a monthly subscription of $29. That is pretty economical considering that you get your work done timely and efficiently.

Don’t take our word for it. Go to Google Workspace and experience for yourself. You might end up using it with the premium, who knows.

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