If you like to play on mobile, you need a powerful smartphone. Preferably gaming one. Alternatively, you can try to optimize the system resources.

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Gamers Gltool automatically changes the smartphone's settings for optimal performance during games.

The application has two modes of operation: manual and automatic. Will talk first about the first.

Controls Gamers Gltool a little complicated and have to spend few minutes to understand how everything works.

First we need to choose a game from the list for which you want to set manual settings. Then choose one of the sections of settings: Game Turbo, Game Tuner or Other Gaming Settings.

Then select the desired system settings and set its value. Then return to the main application screen and click Apply Settings.

Now you can exhale because the system configuration of the smartphone for the first game is completed. When it starts Gltool Gamers will automatically change the device settings under the selected.

What are these three sections, about which I wrote above? It's simple:

  • Game Turbo: the acceleration setting CPU and GPU, RAM and SD and other parameters of the system responsible for the acceleration.
  • Game Tuner: includes settings like reduce lag, change the graphics, and the like.
  • Other settings are optimized ping and configure the settings of the game.

In automatic mode a little bit easier. You choose the game, set to automatic mode and the application itself will choose the optimal system configuration.

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