Beauty apps where you can easily find the appropriate master or service firmly entered our lives. Style My Hair, RYNKL or ManiQu and other services make life easier for those who take care of their look. But what about the masters? There is the app for them. Here you can find tools for making the schedule, attract new clients or bring the former clients back, get the compensation for absence and many other options.

Whom is the app for? What are its pros?

If you are a specialist of makeup service (including permanent makeup), massage, manicure, cosmetology, depilation, tattoo, piercing etc. ‘Glambook – app for masters’ is for you. In this app, private masters and beauty salons can choose the necessary beauty sphere from the list and start working.

You have to simply setup the app, fill in the specialist’s profile, choose your business sphere (services or works) and state the prices.

You can also download the photos of a result as well as the process of your work. Thus, the future clients may watch the master’s working process, its result and the master or salon’s rating will speak for itself. The app allows working with the clients for free. In case of placing the order on Glambook a commission which is lower than similar offers is charged. If you do not want to work with the commission, you can subscribe for one, three, six or twelve months.

‘Glambook – booking for beauty’ is the best way for clients to find the appropriate beauty salon or a master. Here you can check the specialist’s profile, its work, reviews, book online, track your booking status.


You have to fulfill the standard form for registration: first name, last name, login, telephone number, e-mail, gender, date of birth, profile’s photo.

The master chooses the desired work location: whether it is possible to visit the client or not.

It is important to note the spoken languages since the master of manicure that doesn’t speak Hindi would meet difficulties with the Hindi speaking client.

It’s crucial to tell about yourself when register in ‘Glambook — app for masters’. Note your specialization and professional experience.

Range of useful options

Be in touch

Glambook provides a convenient calendar and planner with the notification about the upcoming beauty session. Due to this, you can avoid overlaps while the clients can easily find the convenient time.

In cash or by card

The master decides whether to get the payment in cash or by bank transfer. Glamlook interface allows paying online in an appropriate for both sides way.

The reviews are important for specialists

Happy customers can leave their reviews in the app.

The great advantage for the beginners is the possibility to download the client base from your phone book and invite them to setup ‘Glambook — booking for beauty’.

Another advantage for the beauty salon or master is the insurance in the event of client’s delay or absence. No one has cancelled the force majeure, but the unconscionable people would stop delay when they have to pay for that. You state the desired compensation rate by yourself: soft (10%), middle (30%) or hard (50%).

Glambook is the great decision for both clients and specialists of the beauty industry. The clear and easy interface enables to use different useful functions of the app, saves the time, find the best master or many grateful clients.

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