In July last year, many IT portals wrote about the first real firewall for iOS - Guardian Firewall. Since then, I periodically checked when the program will exit the closed beta test to try it in practice. And now this day has come.

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Guardian Firewall is a VPN service for iOS with a smart firewall built in block of tracking scripts.

What should be

On the site, developers teaser several important features of the program.

Firewall With its help, geolocation trackers, mail, data collectors and the like, including ads, are blocked.

VPN All transmitted traffic passes through a VPN server with AES-256 encryption using the IKEv2 protocol. This also implies the concealment of IP, privacy and more.

Quick connection. They promise speed up to 100 Mbps in the USA and Europe.

Using VPN servers to block ads and tracking trackers is a great solution for iOS users. Due to system limitations, similar utilities can only block data in the Safari browser or based only on DNS data.

When connected to Guardian Firewall servers, all traffic passes through them and the AI ​​independently determines which information to skip and which not. This reduces battery consumption and traffic consumption.

What in practice

The Guardian Firewall itself is as simple as possible. You only need to connect to the VPN and use your smartphone. After some time, on the Alerts tab, you can see why the program protected you.

Guardian firewall

Usually, an hour passes before the first lock message appears. The connection occurred to the servers in Amsterdam and I did not notice any speed limits. I did not specifically measure the speed.

For tests, I used the smartphone in normal mode for two hours and during this time I received only one lock. At the same time, I launched Instagram, Facebook and surfed in the browser.

Reading the promise of developers to block tracking trackers, I expected dozens, if not hundreds of alerts. Facebook certainly had to track my every move. But no, just one lock.

Perhaps I was wrong and did something wrong. But the Guardian Firewall is asking for $ 0.99 for connecting to a VPN for a day and $ 99.99 for a year. However, there are no more settings in the program.

From which I can conclude that nothing is expected from the user in terms of settings or any specific actions. And since the blocking occurs on the side of the VPN server, then the trackers inside the applications should also be blocked. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Try Guardian Firewall

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