YouTube is one of the major video sharing websites in the world. There are a lot of content and creators. If you don't want to miss anything new, you need to subscribem subscribe and subscribe. Subscriptions page turns into arbage. Fortunately, the subscription can be easily grouped into categories.

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PocketTube is a cross-platform app to manage YouTube subscriptions with the ability to sync and create collections.

The app is available for Chrome, Firefox, Android and iOS. Functionality differs between extensions and mobile apps.

After installing the extension in the left pane will be a section of the subscriptions with the ability to create groups.

Создание категорий для подписок на YouTube

After creating the desired groups of channels you just need to go to the desired category. You can then open the group you want and view all the updates from interesting creators.

To avoid confusion in the groups you can specify individual icon. Additionally, in the extension settings you can enable data synchronization using Google Drive and a to customize the appearance of the extension.

Mobile applications, unfortunately, are not integrated with YouTube. To access groups you need to run PocketTube on your smartphone. Go to category to select a video and then starts the standard YouTube client.

Install PocketTube

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