AirDrop is one of the most favorite features for owners of Apple products. Android has similar features, but they are not as good. In this post I will tell you how to transfer files from Android to Mac and vice versa.

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MacDroid β€” application for macOS that helps you quickly transfer any file from Android smartphone and back to Mac.

Unfortunately, the transfer process will not be as simple as AirDrop. To get started you need to install MacDroid on your Mac and connect your smartphone via USB.

Then select the connection mode ADB or MTP. It is preferable to select the first mode as it will be more complete access to the system smartphone.

Now Android smartphone available for selection in the Finder.

For the system an Android device is simialr as a hard drive so you can upload and edit any files and even whole folders.

In the future, you can manage a list of smartphones right from MacDroid. You can change the device name to disconnect or reconnect it.

Download MacDroid

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