Today, polluted air has become an integral part of everyday life. And it surrounds us not only outdoors, but also at home. And the abundance of microorganisms, fungi, mold microspores and other elements it contains is not the best effect on human health and overall health.

There are different ways to solve the problem. But it is various home air purifiers that consumers prefer in most situations. This is a reliable and functional equipment with high efficiency. But what is the principle of its operation and what is used for cleaning? It is high time to understand each of these questions in more detail.

The construction of the device and the principle of its operation

EcoQuest Air Purifier is a unit for removing any harmful and dangerous impurities from the surrounding space. Structurally, it has a fairly simple design and is represented as a base with a fan inside and a complementary system of filtering modules.

The fan can have several operating speeds for more effective room service. The filters ensure that the air is cleaned of foreign impurities. The basic principle of operation is to supply air to the purifying element and pass the flow through it. To achieve maximum results, the use of multiple filters at the same time. In this case, each of them has its own purpose.

Often it is a question of completing the air purifier with filter modules in such a set:

  • For "coarse" cleaning. The base of a dense fabric is able to detain large, and visible to the naked eye, particles, but requires frequent cleaning;
  • Charcoal. Used to absorb odors, gaseous-type vapors, and resist particulate matter;
  • HEPA. Contributes to the complex purification of air and acts with the productivity of about 100%;
  • Electrostatic. Designed for two-stage cleaning with ionization and blowing through positively charged plates;
  • Photocatalytic. Functions due to the UV that provides effective resistance not only to bad smells, but also bacteria and viruses.Also available wet cleaning and other technologies of getting rid of foreign particles (elements). Specific equipment depends on its manufacturer, series and modification.

When you can not do without purifiers

The relevance of using an air purifier in the house or apartment is due to various third-party factors. It is indispensable in different situations and here are just some of them:

  • Living in areas with a high degree of environmental pollution and close to busy highways;
  • presence in the family of people with allergic manifestations and excessive susceptibility to external factors provoking allergies;
  • The presence in the home of a smoker or a person who falls into the category of people who suffer from "second-hand smoke";
  • Living in a house or apartment with pets, an abundance of upholstered furniture, carpeting, heavy curtains, or the presence of a fireplace;
  • Active use of various chemicals and preparations to care for the apartment and household items.

We have reviewed the features of the air purifier and dealt with the relevance of its use. For all its simplicity, the equipment can be considered an indispensable helper in various situations, and its productivity guarantees the reliable removal of various extraneous elements and all kinds of impurities from the air. It is only important to keep an eye on the device and not to forget about its preventive maintenance and periodic change of filtering elements.

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