I use ChatGPT extensively for blogging and work. The only thing that annoys me is the need to go to a site with a VPN enabled. Yes, there are plenty of utilities and Telegram bots that also provide access to the neuron. But all this is not that. I want to do nothing whatsoever.

The option that almost worked

Seamless GPT is a small utility for Windows that allows you to access ChatGPT from any text input field.

The utility is so small that it literally has no interface. How to work with all this, I will tell below. But first, I would like to highlight a couple of key points:

  • The utility is still in beta, and therefore only supports queries in English;
  • Again, due to the beta status, not everything works smoothly;
  • The application does not connect to the developer's servers, and even the update works manually;
  • Currently, the “davinci” model used in GPT-3 is used;
  • Support for GPT-3.5 Turbo and GPT-4 is still under development.

I also have problems working in other applications with Seamless GPT active. First, CTRL+T is already used as a hotkey in Google Chrome. Secondly, for some reason, other applications begin to perceive the left mouse click as a click with the Shift key pressed.

Also, using the program implies that you already have an account in ChatGPT. Without this, nothing will work.

Configuring Seamless GPT

The application itself is a 12 MB file, but if you immediately click on it, you will get an error. In order for everything to work, you need to go to your user folder (type in the address bar %UserProfile%and press Enter) and create a file in it.gptapikey

Now you need to log in to the ChatGPT website and follow this link to get an API key. There, click the Create new secret key button.

Specify any name and click Create secret key.

Copy the resulting key and paste it into a file .gptapikey, save the changes.

Now run the Seamless GPT executable. If everything is done correctly, you will see the following window:

It can be closed. Everything is working.

How to call ChatGPT from any application

In order to send a request to ChatGPT, you just need to type gpt: <your prompt>and press Shift + Enter. You can do this in any text input field, but the request must be in English. Here is an example:


You can stop all this disgrace by holding CTRL + T.


The public version costs $10.99. The developer edition costs $85.99 and includes source code and a macOS setup guide.

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