I have an idea in my head to add voice  for posts on the site. But I am lazy and still waiting for a convenient automatic solution.

This is auto translated version of this post

BlogAudio automatically adds voice translation for articles on your website for Ghost or WordPress engine.

To connect the engine to the site, go to the Integrations section and select WordPress or Ghost and then follow simple instructions.

After which the article will display the audio playback version of the post:

The appearance of the player, the language and voice of the engine can be customized to the site design in the Player section.

And in the analytics section, see the listening statistics.

I really liked the ease of setup and the connection of BlogAudio to the site. This is exactly the option I was looking for. Therefore, I am very upset by their pricing policy.

Payment is taken both for the number of articles per month and for listening to them. In my case, I get less than 6,000 plays per month, but more than 60 articles. Because of what, I get into the tariff for $ 165 per month, instead of $ 16.

Try BlogAudio

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