One of the killer features of Google Pixel 4 is Motion Sense. This is when you can simply swipe your hand over the screen and switch the track or reject the call.

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But this function has two problems. Firstly, it does not work in Russia. Secondly, it basically works crookedly. A few years ago, some smartphones supported gestures using infrared sensors and a camera. And if the manufacturer has not added this feature, then you can simply install the application.

Motion Sense will add gesture control to any smartphone.

For the application to work, you will have to open access to the camera. After all, it is with its help that gestures are recognized. Additionally, you need to give access to calls to manage calls.

After that, you can control the music: pause, play, switch tracks. And calls: answer, reject, turn off the sound.

Gestures for each action can be customized.

Drivers can activate Drive Mode, in which more tapes are added to the gestures. For each gesture, you can add the execution of your command or launch the application.

In my tests, Motion Sense never failed me when recognizing gestures. Although the entertainment is still not for everyone, and even with such accuracy, the application will not be useful to everyone. And without the widget running, gesture recognition does not work.

Install Motion Sense

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