Profanity blocking may be a desirable option not only for the children's audience, but also for some adults. Therefore, if, for some reason, you need to block obscene or just bad words when watching on YouTube, then I have a solution.

Advanced Profanity Filter is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, mobile phones (if desired, even Chromecast) and other things that can automatically hide swear words when viewing websites or videos on supported resources.

After installing the extension, you need to go to the Settings section and select the options for blocking bad words.

Complete removal of the mat, replacement with a non-obscene version and censoring is supported. It should be noted that in this case, we are talking about text content.

Audio is supported to be completely muted during swearing, and is enabled in the Audio section using the Mute audio on supported video sites checkbox.

You can choose the mute method: the entire tab, turn off the audio, reduce the audio volume to zero. Additionally, you can activate what to do with obscenities in the credits: display, display with filters, or completely cut out swearing.

Blocking is not supported on all resources, but the list is quite impressive.

To choose which words are considered swear words, you can go to the Words section. The dictionary will have to be compiled manually. When entering words, RegEXP and masks are supported.

In addition, it is worth considering that blocking a swear word in a video on any resources directly depends on the availability and correctness of subtitles. If the subtitles do not contain defined words, then the extension will not be able to turn off the sound at this time.

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