How often have you watched some cool YouTube video and suddenly the sound disappeared completely for a couple of minutes? And all due to the fact that the author did not bother with copyright for the music used and the service removed all sound. But this could have been easily avoided.

eProves is a service for checking music copyright for use in your YouTube videos.

To check a track, just enter the artist's name and title in the search, or give a link to a YouTube video.

After that, eProves will show which license applies to the music and what sanctions await the author of the video when using it.

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Other useful feautrues:

  • Instant check. It takes about 18 seconds to check if a song is copyrighted, but this time can be reduced up to 10 seconds.
  • 98% accuracy. YouTube itself provides us with reliable information so there are no mistakes in checking music for copyright
  • It's free, The eProves is free to use, but You can become a part of its development by going to a donation page
  • Music Library. There is a library of the most popular high-quality music for your videos.

If you need to check coyright often or automate this process you can subscribe to payed eProves services. There are three options:

  • Instagrammer – $2 per month. You get 6 checks / day, 100 library songs, save music history.
  • Blogger – $5 per month. You get 200 checks / mon, 1.000 library songs, save music history, download music, similar queries.
  • Video editor – $10 per month. You get 1000 checks / mon, 10.000+ library songs, save music history, download music, similar queries, 100% search accuracy, search by .mp3.


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