What is spy apps

Nowadays people spend so much time on the internet and it is not always safe. Especially for children as their parents want to defend them from some internet data or undesired messages, contact or to know where their kids are spending time. So that’s why we now have such apps that help to monitor all the possible activity on personal devices like cell phones, computers, tablets and others. Not always these apps are used to track children, with it help you could catch cheating spouses for example.

What you need to know before installing a monitoring application

Most of the available web resources offer a general review of applications, their functionality and cost. But almost no one is talking about how to choose a cell phone spy app.

Before you subscribe to any product you should know how to choose it to get the most from the app and don’t be disappointed.

So you decided to install a parental control application on your family's mobile or computer.

Determine which device you want to install the app on.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac OS

What kind of device will it be? Cell phone, computer, tablet or even maybe a Kindle gadget?

It is possible to find spy apps for all of them, just be aware that price can be different depending on how many devices you need to control and what kind of features do you need.

Note that one license can only be installed on 1 device. But good news, you can use one license to connect to a mobile or PC.

Buy License

Before buying a spy app license you need to check the compliance of your operational system and to be sure that it matches your needs. The best way to do it is to contact the support team of each spy software provider and ask all your questions. In this case you will get the latest information due to different changes that happened to the iOS 15 version or new M1 Chip MacBooks.

Easiest way to choose a tracking app is to visit the spy software marketplace - https://spyguy.club Because you can get a list of spy apps in minutes by applying the feature or price filters. You don’t need to spend hours on comparing different providers anymore. Don’t waste your time on web search and tonnes of different websites.


So, let’s imagine you already bought a spy tool and want to start using it. Not so fast!

Get access to device

The next step is access to the device.  Most manufacturers recommend access to the device during the installation in order to install the app covertly. Once installed, you won't need access and can use the service remotely for all periods of subscription.

Some apps may ask for additional change settings or mobile device hacking, which is not recommended. It is called “to root” for Android devices and “to jailbreak” got iOS devices. That means you need to change some phone preferences. But that is not difficult ti find apps without these needs. Just apply filters “Jailbreak - NO” or “Android - NO” and you will get the list of spy apps without hacking options.

  • iPhone installation: To install on an iphone you will need access to the phone and access to icloud/apple ID to connect to the phone and monitor all activities remotely.
  • Android installation: To install spy app on android you will need physical access. Install the special application according to the instructions you receive in the email after purchasing the license. Step by step you will be able to install the installation.

Any installation takes no more than 10 minutes.

Each product provides a help desk where you can submit  a ticket if you have any questions during the purchase or installation of the control app.


Using a spy tool is at your own risk. Check the information of usage spy tools inside of your country. Most parental control apps could be applied only for children under 18 y.o. or if you could get an agreement from the person you are going to track.
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