Probably in your mail has accumulated thousands of emails. All these emails or otherwise represent your network. Everyone you've ever corresponded.

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However, not all these people are in your contacts list. But how, then, to list everyone who ever was correspondence?

Email List Builder by cloudHQ for Google Chrome helps you to export email addresses from Gmail in Google Spreadsheet.

After installing the extension, Gmail will display that the button Start Export to Google Sheets Wizard.

Clicking on it will open the page service CloudHQ reported on the start of the export. To complete will have to wait a couple of minutes to a few dozen. It all depends on the number of emails in your Inbox.

And at the end of the export table opens Google with all the collected addresses.

The table will contain the following data:

  1. Email
  2. Name
  3. Surname
  4. Full name
  5. Bio
  6. Location
  7. My site
  8. Date of dispatch of the last email
  9. Link to the last email
  10. The total number of sent emails
  11. If you've received a response to the email
  12. Last date of receipt of the email
  13. Link to the latest email
  14. The total number of received emails
  15. Was there a written response
  16. The name of the organization
  17. The post
  18. The organization's website
  19. LinkedIn
  20. Facebook
  21. Twitter


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