Any popular blogger should monitor the stats of their social media accounts. But it's difficult to find the right tool for each of the sites. Today I want to share a solution for Mastodon.

Analytodon helps you keep track of your Mastodon account statistics: number of followers, interactions, top posts, and more.

Registration in the service takes just two minutes. You will be required to provide data from your Mastodon account and select a time zone. After that, after a while, the service will collect the data.

I have an account on this network quite recently, so the statistics will be so-so. But still, I'll tell you what's there.

Main page

Here you can track the change in the number of subscribers over the past 30 days, see the total number of subscribers and go to the section with a more detailed report on them.


As in the previous section, here you can track the change in the number of followers. The difference is that here you can choose a time period from a week to a year. You can also download the report in CSV format.


Similarly, subscribers can view statistics on the number of responses with a choice of time period. The most popular posts are also displayed by the number of replays to them.


Here you can view statistics on posts that you have boosted using the platform.

Favorites and top

As in all cases above, here you can track statistics on adding your publications to favorites. And view data on the most popular posts.


The first month after registration will be free. Further, you will have to pay from $2.99 ​​per month to $14.99. The cost features are the same for everyone.

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