Sometimes the order of icons on the desktop can go astray due to changing the screen resolution. And sometimes you would like to make several arrangements of icons depending on the current tasks. Or maybe you want to hide them?

You can solve all these problems thanks to the free Positioner utility. At the time of this writing, it is in the alpha development stage and some bugs may occur. But during my work, I did not notice any problems.

What can it do

Immediately after installation, the Positioner window awaits you, from which you can perform all the necessary actions. Unfortunately, there are not enough text hints on many buttons, and you have to find out by experience how everything works.

In the settings, you can find basic things like autorun options. And also activate the restoration of the last saved position of the icons.

By clicking on the eye icon, you can hide or show all the icons on the desktop.


To save the current position of the icons, you need to click on the disk icon below colored square. There are three saves slots in total, so you can make three different icon layouts and quickly switch between them.

To restore the desired location, simply click on the square of the corresponding snapshot.


Another option β€” when you click on the icon with pictures, you will be taken to a list with autosaved snapshots. Here, similarly, when choosing a slot, you can restore it. You can also delete extra saves and give a name to each snapshot or attach it to the slot.


You can also activate locations from the tray. And when you click on the monitor icon, you can activate several useful features:

  • enable or automatic layout of icons;
  • enable or disable snapping to the grid;
  • disable selection of multiple icons;
  • hide icons;
  • activate opening with one click;
  • hide filenames.
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