Firefox is quite flexible in terms of browser settings. On the net you can find different versions of assemblies of this browser for different cases. This article will show you how to create such an assembly yourself. Or something like that.

Firefox Profilemaker will help you create your Firefox installer with all the necessary privacy options, settings and more.

With this online service, you can easily make the exact Firefox installer you need. To do this, you need to go through a kind of nine-item questionnaire.

In the first one, you can choose which settings you want to change: all or only those that are responsible for privacy.

In the Annoyances section, you can turn off the welcome message on the Firefox start tabs when you first start the browser, as well as on the new page tab.

Integration with Pocket, displaying sponsored sites in the address bar, shortening links on the navigation bar, checking for the default browser, notification to reset Firefox settings when the browser has not been used for a long time, Heartbeat behavior, new tab content, and autoplay video are also configured here.

The Browser Features section is responsible for more traditional browser settings: telemetry collection, health report, Shield Studies, experiments, crash reports, metadata updates, Google Safe Browsing, malware search, DNS over HTTPS, preloading a new tab, displaying the add-on loading bar, working Captive portal, local saving of screenshots, playback of DRM content in HTML5 elements, access to device sensors and Firefox Suggest.

The Privacy section , of course, is responsible for the browser's privacy parameters: changing the browser's UA, blocking cookies and referrals, disabling DOM storage, IndexedDB, offline caching and much more.

In Website Tracking, you can configure various parameters for tracking your website activity. For example, enabling Do-not-Track, resistFingerprinting, Mozilla Tracking Protection, and more.

Security options allow you to manage browser auto-update, block some extensions, display Punycode.

In the Addons section, you can activate the installation of some of the recommended extensions. Unfortunately, you cannot add your own extensions.

Enterprise Policies is responsible for the settings that may come in handy when deploying a browser in a company. For example, disable the PDF viewer, support for Firefox accounts, save search history and fill out forms, and the like.

At the last step, you will receive all the necessary data for reconfiguring the browser according to the previously selected parameters. The only drawback of Firefox Profilemaker is that it does not create the installer itself, where everything is already ready.

You need to download regular Firefox and then use handles to replace all the necessary files with the file provided by Firefox Profilemaker.

Try Firefox Profilemaker

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