Mozilla always was for the privacy of its users. To make Firefox more open in this aspect, developers added the option to see all the data they collect about you.

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On this page you can see all the information that the developers gather about you and your computer.

How to view the collected data

Make sure you have the latest version of the browser. After that, open the page about:telemetry.

Here you will find all the information that the browser collects on you. In the left frame you can view information for each of the data types.

Телеметрия Firefox

Among the data collected there is a version of browser used, plugins, sessions, running processes and information about the operating system and hardware.

To understand how and why the developers of Firefox use this information, you can visit the appropriate portal Opera or read a weekly public report about the used data and to know the answers to all the questions.

How to disable gathering of telemetry

To prevent the browser to follow you, you need to go to the page about:preferences#privacy.

Scroll down to the data Collection and use Firefox. Clear the checkbox next to Enable Firefox to send technical data and interaction data with Mozilla. From that moment all information about you will cease to gather. Moreover, Firefox will remove all the information for the last 30 days.

Отключить сбор телеметрии Firefox

For most users this will be enough. However, it is possible to be safe and additionally to disable the collection of telemetry by using flags. To do this, open the page about:config and accept all the risk in a special warning.

In the search field in turn, enter all the lines specified below and for each, specify false.

Then find toolkit.telemetry.server. Double-click the first configure, delete the URL and save the changes.

Now collecting telemetry in Firefox is completely disabled.

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