DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) protocol provides many advantages to the users browser. Especially in countries, where due to this type of encryption it becomes more difficult to determine access to blocked resources. So you can visit such sites.

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In a regular connection, the decoding of the address of the website to IP occurs with DNS and the data is transmitted in the plain text. When DoH is activated, the data is encrypted and transmitted with HTTPS traffic.

To activate DoH in your browser, simply enable the corresponding flag in settings:

  • Google Chrome – chrome://flags/#dns-over-https
  • Edge (based on Chromium) edge://flags/#dns-over-https
  • Opera – opera://flags/Mozilla-doh
  • Vivaldi – vivaldi://flags/#dns-over-https
  • Brave – brave://flags/#dns-over-https
  • Mozilla Firefox – You can find the “Enable DNS over HTTPS” in the browser settings.

If there's no this flag, try to install the beta version of the browser. The protocol is still in the testing phase.

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