iOS 14 has received many improvements, including the much-anticipated picture-in-picture video view. But not all applications allow you to enable it, and some ask for money. How do you run any video in this mode, even if it's prohibited?

PiP-it! Picture in Picture will help activate picture-in-picture mode for the free version of YouTube or other apps where this is blocked.

Upon launching the application, it immediately displays a simple instruction to activate the new mode.

There are three ways to start a video:

  • If it's YouTube, just launch the app and share your video with PiP-it! Picture in Picture.
  • To launch a local file, you can open it through the Photos app or File Explorer.
  • You can play any other video simply by adding a link to the app.

All watched videos are automatically saved in the Stories tab. You can also add videos to favorites or create playlists.


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