LTE coverage is one of the important parameters when choosing a mobile operator. However, coverage does not guarantee actual availability of the network in a particular place and you have to figure it out empirically. Or, you can use this app.

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OpenSignal — Android and iOS app to test the speed of your mobile operator, compared the quality of their coverage and search for cellular towers.

The application is divided into four sections: speed test, statistics of usage, coverage of all operators and coverage map for your carrier.

Check connection speed

Testing speeds in OpenSignal looks like one from Speedtest and other applications. You can choose a regular check. Here you will find out the download/upload speed and latency. Additionally, you can mark where the test was performed indoors or outdoors.

Проверка скорости мобильного оператора

The application has a unique type of test the download speed of the video. It starts to play a little video, and in the end gives the results of speed.

All results can be viewed later in History.


In the statistics section you can check what types of networks you spend time during the day. For cellular networks shows the ratio of the quality of connection — how much you have spent on 4G, 3G, without connection, and so on.

Статистика качества мобильной связи

There is statistics on the number and speed of data transmission over networks on a separate tab.

Comparison of mobile operators

On a separate map you can see coverage from different operators. Additionally, you can choose the type of connection 2G/3G or 4G.

Сравнение качества мобильной связи у разных операторов

Here you can copare effectiveness of average speed of the upload and download of all the region's operators. All data relevant for your specific location.

Cell towers of your mobile operator

On a separate tab, you can see the quality of connection of your operator. You can also use compass by which you can reach the nearest tower.

Карта сотовых вышек вашего мобильного оператора

On the map you can see the location of all towers and view detailed data on each of them.


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