How often have you followed a link to a YouTube video and instead received a "Video not available" stub. This happens to me regularly.

How can you find out what was in the video and understand the reason for its removal? For this, a special extension was created.

RadiTube - Displays the metadata of deleted YouTube videos. Immediately after installing it, you will have access to the title, description, subtitles and much more, and you will know exactly what it was that scary was removed.

The extension was originally created for journalists, researchers and future digital archaeologists. Now they can easily find out what was in the deleted videos.

Unfortunately, RadiTube does not work with all videos, but only with indexed services. At the time of this writing, there are about 80 thousand such videos in the database. Mostly videos of anti-vaccines and the QAnon community. You can check the operation of the extension on this video .

The extension is powered by the Arweave permaweb network , which allows easy access for future researchers. The network maintains data toning to ensure its authenticity.

Download RadiTube

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