Airplane is one of the fastest way of transportation. Until you take into account customs, registration and all the other ritual before flight. While waiting, you want to kill time with your favorite smartphone and it would be nice to have a free internet at hand.

WiFox is an application for Android, iOS and a custom Google Map, on which people share Wi-Fi passwords at airports in the world.

When I first started the application, I was a little disappointed. WiFox costs about 200 rubles, and the design is clearly outdated.

When the application starts, a world map with Wi-Fi points of airports is displayed. You can find out the password from the network by tap at the airport or use the search. In this case, you get a brief information about the connection point, and the password itself can be copied to the clipboard. A point can be marked as working or dead.

For some reason, when I clicked on the geolocation icon, I was thrown to Africa, although I was in Yaroslavl. Damn it, that in my city there are no airports, but Africa?

If you have a sacred knowledge of a password that is not in the application database, you can add it. The add-on interface also looks so-so.

WiFox has alternatives and if you need a more beautiful interface, you can try them. But these guys have the largest password database.

Download for Android | Download for iOS | Online map

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