Windows 11 is finally available to the general public. So it's time to enjoy all the innovations of the operating system.

Unfortunately, if somewhere it got better, then somewhere it got worse. In the new OS, Windows Explorer no longer has folder previews and now the list looks like this.

A utility called Windows Thumbnail Generator will help to return everything to a state close to the previous one . It has two modes of operation: console and regular interface. I'll tell you about the second one.

Windows Thumbnail Generator is very easy to use. Just run the application and specify the path to the folder for which you want to return the folder preview. Unfortunately, you have to perform this step for each folder.

But if you select the root directory and put the Recursive checkbox , then the application will restore the preview for all folders and subfolders inside.

Additionally, you can adjust the number of images per preview or generate a shorter cover.

The application uses the ImageMagick library to generate native previews into a single folder preview and saves this information as a folder icon using the desktop.ini file. As a result, you get this folder preview.

Download Windows Thumbnail Generator

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