Recently, the long-awaited grouping of tabs was brought to Google Chrome and now you can visually divide sites into categories. But this feature may have more options if you install the extension.

Tab Groups Extension extends the standard features of Google Chrome tabs and adds new features:

  • automatic creation of tabs according to the rules;
  • saving and restoring tabs;
  • managing tabs, renaming, changing colors, and more;
  • Hotkeys

Each of the features is located on a separate extension tab.

The Current Tabs contains all the current windows broken down by group. When you click on the arrow icon, the group can be collapsed, when you click on the camera, the tab or group will be saved and closed by the cross.

All saved tabs and groups go to the Saved Groups section. From here you can quickly open a saved group. The number of tabs in the group is separately configured. By default, there are five of them.

The Group Rules tab displays the rules for automatically grouping tabs. To get started, these rules need to be created.

The rule editor includes the same features as the standard grouping tool. In this case, you can additionally create several rules for one group and they will operate simultaneously. You can define a site in a group by coincidence with the site name, full link or tab name. Supported by RegExp.

On the Shortcuts tab, you can see the current parameters of the hotkeys for managing the extension. For some reason, they turned out to be empty. Additionally, you can create your own rules.

Download Tab Groups Extension

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