ChromeOS is being developed by Google as an alternative operating system for slow computers. OS is built on Linux core and compatible with many devices. ChromeOS support running Android apps.

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Make sure that your device is using Intel, ARM or RockChip.

How to install ChromeOS

First you need to download the official Chrome recovery tool from this page. The page looks confusing, but it's actually not.

The choice of build is based on the resolution of your monitor. For medium or high resolution, select the build with the code name "eve" for low resolution — "pyro".

On some devices there are problems with authorization. Usually it's modern computer. In this case, you will need the build "caroline".

Also, you need the build of Chrome OS which can be downloaded at this link. Just take the most recent file.

And the setup script at this link. Take the file with name "".

Now we need to create a USB flash drive to install ChromeOS. Download LinuxLive USB Creator and run it. With this app you can easily create a bootable USB flash drive.

Insert a flash drive into the computer. In LinuxLive USB Creator, select the path to the flash drive; and in the source select download, and select any Ubuntu build; then click Start

Создание загрузочной флешки в LinuxLive USB Creator
Creating a bootable USB drive

Bootable flash drive is created automatically. After that you just need to restart the computer and boot from that drive.

After booting at the command prompt, you will need to enter several commands.

sudo /usr/sbin/chromeos-install --dst

The path TO the SETUP DISK (E.g. /dev/sda)

Then you need to create another partition on the disk with size minimum 4 GB.

Boot again from the USB and run the command:

sudo bash /path/to file/ the PATH TO the SYSTEM PARTITION(E.g. /dev/sda3)

/path/to file with the build chromeOS/chosenchromeosbuild.bin

/path/to file recovery/carolinebuild.bin

Type another command

sudo mkfs.ext4 PATH TO the WORK PARTITION(E.g. /dev/sda1)

Restart the computer and enjoy ChromeOS.

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