If you are one of those people who watch films and series on licensed platforms, then you probably have a problem with tracking new releases.

When you subscribe to only one service, everything is easy and understandable. But the series are released on different sites, and now imperceptibly you pay for two, three, or even ten different services. And how do you keep track of all the new releases?

Here, the JustWatch service comes to the rescue, which will help you search and receive alerts about new films and series releases on all your streaming services.

Even at the stage of registration in it, you choose the streaming platforms you are interested in. In this case, you can choose the type of subscription: rent, purchase or free viewing.

Based on this choice, after authorization in the service, an update feed will be generated. Absolutely all releases are displayed here, divided into different categories.

When you go to any of the categories, you can set filtering to find what you really are interested in. Well, or you can immediately enter the name of the desired movie or series.

When you go to the release card, you can see all the information on it. For example, availability on sites, cost, quality, genre, ratings, etc.

From here, you can mark the watched episodes and add releases to the list of watched.

The JustWatch service is available not only through a browser, but also through mobile applications. It can also be connected to Smart TV. As for capabilities, the versions of the applications do not differ from each other in any way. And all information is synchronized between them.

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