Modern smartphones are constantly increasing the size of the screen diagonal and it is not so easy for a person with paws to use them. Fortunately, there are applications that can solve this problem as well.

Smart Cursor: One-handed mode for Android helps you use your smartphone with one hand by adding a cursor to the screen.

How it works

After installing the application, you will need to give it a couple of permissions and in general you can do nothing else. To activate the cursor, you need to swipe from the bottom left or right edge of the screen and you will immediately see the cursor on the screen. All interaction takes place with him as with an ordinary computer mouse.

When you hover over the active area, you will see a red frame. When tapping on any part of the screen, the actual tap will occur within this frame, which will allow you to no longer reach far with your finger.

In the Smart Cursor: One-handed mode settings, you can change the cursor behavior for more convenience in working with it:

  • you can hide the cursor when the keyboard is active;
  • activate long tap;
  • adjust vibration;
  • activate drag and drop;
  • you can adjust the position and size of triggers to activate the cursor;
  • adjust the sensitivity of the cursor and its appearance;
  • and much more.

Download Smart Cursor: One-handed mode

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