I, like many, have more than one Apple device. And not all of them I use often. For example, I need a MacBook more frequently than an iPhone, but somehow I forgot about the tablet.

And when that sweet moment comes to pick up the iPad, I understand that I have to charge it first. And all desire immediately disappears. Fortunately, you can solve this problem using the AllMyBatteries utility.

With its help, you can easily monitor the real-time battery level of almost any gadget in the house. But basically, of course, we are talking about Apple devices.

If you install the application on an iPhone or MacBook, then immediately after launching it, you will see the charge level of all devices.

You can connect a new gadget in a special menu. Supports work with any Bluetooth-devices. But I will say right away that I could not add AllMyBatteries to my Pixel 6.

But for the added devices, you can set a name, change the icon or view brief information.

And in the Notification menu, you can add notifications when one of the events occurs:

  • a certain charge level has been reached;
  • periodic notification;
  • the device does not update the charge data;
  • the device is not charging.
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