I work as a back-end tester. Sometimes, to check for some improvement, you need to hack the response of the service.

In this case, testing utilities help a lot, or the developers themselves raise a mock server. However, in this post, I want to talk about Coparrot - a web server that returns the required data for your requests. Which allows you to lock various APIs without using third-party tools or resources at all.

How it works

To configure Coparrot to return a specific response, just send it a Get request https://use.coparrot.dev/api/whatever/path?__cp_response=

Where to specify the path that you plan to use, and pass the response itself in the cp_response parameter.

For example, it https://use.coparrot.dev/api/themarfa?__cp_response=hello%20worldwill return Hello, World.

Similarly, the service allows you to work with other types of requests. For example, SOAP:

You can get acquainted with the types of passed parameters on a separate Coparrot page. For example, you can change the response type, specify a delay, status, redirects, and much more. There is support for HTTP headers.


The service is free to use, but the number of requests will be limited. In general, this will not interfere with testing in most situations.

The minimum rate starts at $5 for 100 requests per month.

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