Today, almost any site will require you to register. And it does not matter that often it is not needed. And if you need it, then you would rather not give your real data at all. In this case, you can register for random data.

And the extension for Google Chrome - Reggy will help with this. When you go to the registration form, you just have to click on the extension icon, and it will automatically fill in the required fields with fake data, including password and mail in the mailinator, maildrop, dispostable, dayrep, mailcatch or lompikachi domain. That is, with this data it will be quite possible to fully use the site.

Reggy also creates an entire virtual identity for you. In the extension, you will find data to fill in: full name, fields, dates of birth, companies, addresses and phone numbers, and other information.

If desired, all data can be generated again, as well as go to the created one-time mailbox.

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