Almost any site or service collects data about you. Few people know, but this data can be requested and even deleted. But it can be very difficult to do it.

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Wibson for Android will help you find out which companies store your personal data and request deletion in one click.

On first launch, the application will request access to your Gmail account and, based on it, will collect a list of companies that store your data.

After scanning, you will be provided with a report on the number of such companies, the location of your data, and some tips on how to store your data safely.

To start the removal process, you need to click the Take action button. Then a list of companies will be displayed.

Here you can click the I need it button to hide the company from the list or click the Revoke button. From the window that opens, clicking on Learn more will open more detailed information about the types of stored data. And when you click on Take Action, the application will automatically send a request to remove information.

I checked the work on Mailchimp and their legal department responded to my letter within 24 hours. Therefore, the removal really works in practice without unnecessary gestures on your part.


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