"This application was created for an earlier version of android". If you ever faced this phrase when the application starts and you decided to run the application anyway, in this article I will explain how to do it.

This is autotranslated version of this post.

Just want to warn this method is not universal as in fact you are going to use Android version 5.1.1.

As in the case of Windows to run old games, we'll need an emulator or virtual machine. In our case – the second.

VMOS is an application-based virtual machine (VM). VMOS can be installed as normal applications for Linux or Android using VM technology. That allows you to run a virtual Android system in windowed mode.

Download and install

In theory VMOS can download from the official website, where available APK files. In practice, the official version will not work without a file VMOS Tool, which is officially nowhere to download. Actual link to the whole set of files can be found in the corresponding topic on 4PDA.

The process of installing and running is no different from any other Android application. So I'm not going to describe here. Install first VMOS, then VMOS Tool. Then run the application VMOS.

After some time will start a virtual machine with Android on Board 5.1.1.

Run old applications

Since the topic of this post run legacy apps, I'm not going to go into all the capabilities of the virtual machine. And will specifically focus on the solution of our problem.

The process as simple as possible. Because in front of you is essentially a smartphone on your old Android.

Download the APK file of your application to your smartphone and start VMOS. After launching a new path in the lower pane, click file transfer.

In the opened window, click Import, select the APK and VMOS will automatically install the app. Its icon will appear on the desktop. Click on it and use the app normally.

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