I love automation, and all my posts come out automatically. Therefore, I keep an eye on tools for delayed posting, even in services that I do not use. Recently, I found a way to create scheduled posts on Reddit.

How to do it

To achieve this, we need to use the free Cronnit web service, which is tailored for our task.

To create a publication, you need to log in to the service under your Reddit account and allow access to it. After that, you will be taken to the admin panel of the service, where you can click the Add Post button to create your first publication.

Then you need to fill in the content of the future post, including the Subreddit, title, body of the post (with Markdown support), date, and time of publication.

Additionally, you can activate checkboxes for sending responses to Inbox and NSFW.

Clicking on Schedule Post will schedule the publication at the specified time, and a list of all posts will be displayed on the main Cronnit page. You can schedule up to five posts per day.

At the appointed time, the post will be automatically published. And while there is still time, you can export and import new posts.

To import, the service will offer to download a special Excel template that you need to fill out, and a publication plan will be created based on it. You can also edit the post.

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