For example, you want to set a certain volume level for the game, another level for YouTube, and a third level for the navigator. It is impossible to solve this problem with standard Android tools, but you can install a special application.

App Volume Control is an application that helps you set individual volume settings for the application and audio output.

The first time you launch the application, you will need to select a pair of system permissions. And then you can proceed directly to setting up the rules.

It is very easy to do this. In App Volume Control, all smartphone applications are divided into installed and system ones. Select the desired application, and simply switch the toggle switch for it.

This will take you to the rules editor, where again two tabs await you. On the first one, volume rules are configured when the application starts, and on the second, when it is closed.

You can set up rules for each of the audio outputs: speaker, headphones, bluetooth. And in each of them, specify the volume level for media, call, alarm, notification, and system.

After setting up a rule, you just need to save it. Now, when you launch an application that matches the rule, all volume levels will be set according to your settings.

App Volume Control is free to use, but you will be limited to eight rules. You can remove this restriction in the paid version.

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