Consider five services that provide users with the ability to check materials for hidden changes.


The site is completely free. The user has the following tools:

  • “Magnifier” allows you to increase the contrast and pixel size of the picture. With its help, you can see the hidden details.
  • “Clone detector” recognizes duplicated image elements.
  • “Error level analysis” helps to understand which segment of the picture has undergone changes. The tool compares the compressed version of the photo with the original. The brightness of the changed part can differ significantly from the brightness of the untouched area.
  • Other helper functions.


Image Edited

The service automatically processes the photo, using the built-in analysis algorithms, determines the presence of changes. The work was based on two methods of image evaluation: ELA—error detection algorithm; JPEG – image quality analyzer after the last save. If there are changes to the snapshot, the software tells the user which editor they were made in. Access to all features of the site is free.



The software detects editing by checking the image for errors. In addition, the service can compare the original image with its thumbnail. If the program found differences, the user will see a notification that the photo has been changed. Additionally, the service can extract textual information and geotags from uploaded files, mark the approximate shooting location on the map. The program is free.



With the help of Deepware, you can check any video for deepfakes for free. The service has a website and an Android app.



A Korean paid service with which you can recognize a fake photo or video with an accuracy of up to 90%. Deepfake recognition algorithms are based on AI technologies. The cost of one check of a picture or video is about $1.7. KaiCatch does not have a website. The service can only be accessed through the Android app. The software language is Korean. In the near future, it is planned to translate the application into English, Japanese and Chinese, as well as develop software for the iOS platform.


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