I prefer to collect data from all of my calendars in one place. Notion also has support for calendars in notes, so I was puzzled by the issue of synchronization.

Notion Calendar Sync helps you set up two-way synchronization of Google and Notion calendars.

After clicking the Access your account button , a setup wizard will open on the service website, which will help you activate synchronization in seven simple steps.

You will need to connect your Google Calendar account to Notion Calendar Sync and share the Notion template with your calendar.

As a template, you can use a ready-made note or use a template from the service, which is also very convenient.

At the fourth step, if you wish, you can filter the events that need to be excluded from synchronization. There are two types of filters: simple and advanced for advanced users.

Once the setup is complete, the calendars will automatically sync

Try Notion Calendar Sync

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